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At Foener we are agents and specialists in representation for cogeneration and renewable electricity producers. We make our knowledge and advanced technology available to our customers so as to offer a better service for maximising income in their plants.


We offer solvency and financial surety, structuring the price into various temporary horizons depending on each project’s needs.

We manage the present while facing the future of renewable industry. We incorporate cutting-edge technology to maximise the value of investments, guaranteeing efficient management throughout the value chain of our generation projects.


We are an operator in the electrical market, representing producers for those production utilities from renewable energy sources, high-efficiency cogeneration and waste.


Representing electricity producers from operational management of utilities to managing sales of the energy produced.


Foener undertakes all technical and administrative paperwork, administrating sales of production programmes in OMIE, settling deviation energy with REE and undertaking actions with the CNMC.

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  • Would you like to know more?
  • Modality indexed to market directly or indirectly through the CNMC.
  • Telemetry in real time and control centre.
  • Monitoring and monitoring indicators.
  • Bilateral contracts or PPAs.
  • Managing deviations and Source Guarantees
  • Coverage via futures derivatives markets (MEFF, OMIP, EEX).
  • Preparation of information statements and self-assessments.
  • Claiming settlements from the system operator, the market operator and the CNMC.



  • Personalised control panel
  • Production monitoring.
  • Alarms for threshold, infrastructure and deviation: configuration and reception.
  • Geolocalisation.
  • Accessibility through any platform.
  • Information available 24 hours a day for 365 days.


Technical and operational management

  • Performance analysis.
  • Managing alarms: Communicating incidents and/or anomalies and identifying improvements.
  • Operation and maintenance:
    • creating monthly reports on production monitoring.
    • Coordination of maintenance and operational works.
    • Tendering of the maintenance company, creating the technical record and supervising compliance of the latter.
    • Managing and monitoring technical certificates and verifying equipment in the event they are applicable.


Administrative and financial management

  • Economic assessment of the premises
  • Accounting, tax and legal consulting
  • Managing settlements and claims with system agents, market and CNMC
  • Review of contractual clauses in insurance policies and proposal for improvement (creating technical and financial reports for managing incidents and accidents)

Tabernas Project of 42 MW power and 86,000 MWh in energy generation developed by Grupotec and managed by Foener.