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At Foener we offer different solutions suited to each customer’s needs, activity sector and pattern of consumption. We actively manage the gas purchase to lower the annual cost and be more competitive. With you, we decide upon the modality that optimises your budget. A modality referenced to MIBGAS and TTF with the possibility of price setting, enabling stability and certainty by knowing the price of electricity beforehand.


We actively manage the price of gas so as to take decisions at the most opportune times. We establish an annual budget, making decisions with the aim of optimising the budget based on our knowledge and market evolution.

We provide knowledge based on objectivity, experience and suitable tools, enabling us to advise companies with the maximum exactitude and transparency. The freedom to choose the purchase modality, personalised for each company, enables our customers to optimise their energy cost to the full, increasing their competitiveness.

Are you keen on sustainability and reducing emissions?

At Foener we have a commitment to the environment and strive to help society grow and evolve sustainably. As a company, you can compensate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cannot be reduced directly. So the company contributes economically to an emissions reduction project, obtaining carbon credits that certify the tonnes of GHG emissions avoided.

(This compensation is the action of neutralising the amount of CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) that a person, company or organisation emits when developing an activity, whilst economically investing in a project to improve the environment and social setting in which it takes place)

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