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We were founded in 2013 as a customer-centred energy firm. A company that understands the market and the motivations of its consumers. In 2017, after developing our business model to position ourselves as a relevant partner, Grupotec came on board by purchasing FOENER equity. Their knowledge supplements ours to ensure comprehensive energy management. Today we are energy specialists, providing intelligent solutions to the companies that choose us.

About us

Our proposition

In such a fast-paced, volatile world, choosing sustainable development is innovative – even revolutionary. And we want to be part of that revolution. We believe in constant sustainable development that contributes value to all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, society and equity.

Helping improve society

We want to see society grow and evolve sustainably. That means not producing above our means.

Employing a team with talent

Our team knows their work has an impact and that their efforts help to generate wealth.

Giving back what we receive

We want to offer society not just an economic return but a social one too, promoting
practices that improve your well-being and your health.

We are part of Grupotec

Grupotec has evolved and grown into a huge, multidisciplinary engineering and architecture firm, a leader in the photovoltaic energy sector.