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At Foener we show you all your electricity contracting alternatives so you can adapt them flexibly to your needs and optimise your budget. We personalise our offers and are continually striving for the best purchase option for our customers: a modality referenced to OMIE (nominated electricity market operator for Spain and Portugal) and price setting, enabling stability and certainty by knowing the price of electricity beforehand. Always assisted and guided by a specialist who decides what is best for your company.


Each customer is assigned a specialist energy consultant


We actively manage the price of future electricity so as to take decisions at the most opportune times.

Companies can enjoy the advantages of a fixed price without the need for purchasing all of the year’s energy at a single time.


As the end consumer you have the freedom to choose your modality of access to the electricity market.

The freedom to diversify the purchase price and build it through partial purchases enables our customers to optimise their energy cost to the full, increasing their competitiveness.


We provide knowledge based on objectivity, experience and suitable tools, enabling us to advise companies with the maximum exactitude and transparency.

Are you keen to understand the various types of PPA and their main benefits?

At Foener we advise producers and purchasers on the various types of purchase-sale agreements in renewable energy: technologies, legislative framework, financial soundness and risk mitigation.

We are specialists in managing long-term contracts. Every customer has certain concrete needs. So we advise them on the most relevant aspects and the detail of each negotiation.

How can you directly access the wholesale market and become a direct consumer?

We act as an agent representing our customer, so the latter has no need to deposit guarantees with the system operator (REE) and market operator (OMIE). Neither do they assume the cost of deviations. Foener manages the energy purchase and settles system costs, offering companies the maximum profitability and savings in their invoices in a straightforward way. We take care of everything.

Are you keen to use energy from renewable sources?

At Foener we have a commitment to the environment and strive to help society grow and evolve sustainably. We offer our customers the chance to guarantee that the electricity they consume comes from renewable sources via the purchase of Source Guarantees, endorsed by the Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).

(Our Source Guarantee is an electronically formatted accreditation guaranteeing that a specific number of megawatt-hours of electricity in a specific timing period were generated from renewable or high-efficiency cogeneration energy sources.)

Services we offer your firm.


Full free consultation


Global management of supplies


Personalised budgets and invoice forecasting


Market analysis reports


Managing Source Guarantees


Foener Management Website 2.0


Monitoring service

You benefit from our product portfolio: personalised solutions for every firm. You can undertake structured covers to control risk and minimise your energy costs. We are flexible, offering you the product you need in each instant. We are a cut above, evolving and proposing alternatives and tools for you to improve energy performance in your premises.