Clients area

At Foener we help our customers to analyse energy data so as to ensure optimum decision-making, while offering a portfolio of services aimed at helping the management and accreditation of projects.

Energy services

Energy consultation. Monitoring and analysis.

A monitoring system’s potential lies not in the number of stored variables but in managing information. At Foener we undertake continuous analysis of the information in search of deviations and new energy savings measures.

Projects to improve energy efficiency

We develop energy efficiency improvement projects in premises “key in hand” so as to maximise energy savings with the minimum investment.

Electricity quality

We strive to protect our customers’ premises from problems in electricity quality, offering solutions to avoid activity stoppages.

We design our monitoring systems to register the parameters for critical electricity quality. We present comprehensive solutions, from studying the causes of the problem, proposing solutions existing on the market to installing the solution.

Managing aid and subsidies

We undertake an active search for aid and subsidies in the area of energy efficiency, develop the technical and justifying documentation for the application and oversee its processing by the appropriate public body.

Carbon footprint

A carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that an organisation, product, event or individual directly or indirectly produces and releases into the atmosphere. At Foener we help companies calculate the carbon footprint for their organisation, product or service.


The monitoring of self-consumption facilities through real-time monitoring and operation directly influence the profitability of self-consumption projects executed. From Foener we integrate self-consumption facilities into our monitoring system.