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At Foener we design and install the ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM that enables our customers to increase profitability and maximise savings potential. The monitoring web platform is an advanced analysis system for comprehensive energy management.

Energy digitalisation


Initial study

A preliminary analysis aimed at accurately dimensioning an energy management system.


Optimum installation design

We design the project infrastructure so as to maximise the monitoring system’s potential for the least investment.


Project execution

We offer a flexible solution that adapts to each of our customer’s needs, applying Foener quality standards.


Configuring equipment

The quality of data forms the bedrock of a monitoring system. At Foener we validate and certify the recorded variables to guarantee database reliability.


Web programming

We design dashboards and a personalised web environment based on our customers’ needs.


Monitoring and supervision

Data analysis to detect consumption anomalies along with savings and energy efficiency measures.


Optimising energy consumption

At Foener we ensure that the control of all premises is fully integrated so as to optimise energy use.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is an international standard that establishes the requirements for establishing an energy management system. The objective of ISO 50001 is to encourage energy savings and efficiency while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, balancing these with improvements to competitiveness and quality of processes.

Foener’s energy management professionals offer consultation on implementing ISO 50001. We work alongside our customers during the process of implementing, supervising and following up ISO 50001.