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An energy audit is the study and analysis of energy performance in the industry, in a building, process or system over a specific reference period.

Energy audits


Compiling initial information


Measurement and data acquisition campaign


Analysis and evaluation of the environmental and energy situation


Energy savings and efficiency measure


Development of audit report

Creating an audit report can take 2–3 months. The cost will vary significantly depending on the scope of the audit, the size and number of premises to audit in each company.

Based on the energy audit results, in collaboration with the customer, Foener will plan the best solution to reduce the customer’s energy costs, from implementing an Energy Management System to running projects to improve energy efficiency.

Spanish Royal Decree 56/2016 Obligation to Renew Energy Audits in 2020

Spanish Royal Decree 56/2016 Obligation to Renew Energy Audits in 2020
In 2016, Spanish Royal Decree (RD) 56/2016 was published as a transposition of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency in relation to: energy audits, energy auditor and energy system suppliers and promoting supply efficiency.

The RD enforces the contracting of the services of an energy auditor, which conducts the energy audit as pursuant to RD 56/2016 or implements an Energy Management System as per ISO 50001.

14 February 2016
The RD establishes the need to undergo a fresh audit every four years.

It affects companies and company groups with over 250 employees or with business turnover greater than 50 million euros.